APRICOT 2024 / APNIC 57 Foundation roundup

Foundation staff, project participants and grantees were very active at the APRICOT 2024 / APNIC 57 conference held in Bangkok, Thailand from 21 February to 1 March.

The occasion also served as an opportunity for the first Foundation Board meeting of 2024, as well as a planning day for the National Coordinators and staff involved in the Switch! project.

27 February

Foundation Session – impact stories from the front-lines of Internet development

The session began with six impact stories shared by the six National Coordinators of the Foundation’s Switch! gender and diversity project, and was followed up by discussions with Foundation Board Members Sylvia (Efie) Sumarlin, Sharil Tarmizi, Craig Ng and Board Chair Danish Lakhani, moderated by CEO Raj Singh.

APNIC Cooperation SIG

Foundation Head of Programs and Partnerships Sylvia Cadena participated in the Cooperation SIG discussion on capacity building.

28 February

APNIC IPv6 Deployment

Three ISIF Asia-supported IPv6 Deployment projects were involved in the session. These included:

Leveraging Shadowserver and other “Cyber Civil Defense” Tools

Shadowserver’s mission is to make the Internet more secure by bringing to light vulnerabilities, malicious activity, and emerging threats. Shadowserver promotes a culture of sharing, equip organizations to improve their security, support criminal investigations, help protect victims, and offer free remediation reports. The Foundation has supported Shadowserver with funding.

29 February

Myanmar Internet Exchange’s (MMIX) VXLAN Deployment

Thein Myint Khine presented on the VXLAN Deployment at MMIX.

MMIX was a 2022 ISIF Asia award recipient for their work establishing IXPs in Myanmar, and received Foundation Community Assistance support.

APNIC Community Honeynet BOF

APNIC’s Adli Wahid presented on the APNIC Community Honeynet project. The Foundation is supporting the project, which helps cybersecurity threat analysis in the Asia Pacific.

Diversity and Inclusivity in Tech

ISIF Asia awardee Thein Myint Khine of MMIX along with Switch! Laos National Coordinator Saysomvang Souvannavong participated in the debate about declining or flat rates of participation by women in tech.

1 March

Innovation 2 – Developing a Collaborative BGP Routing Analyzing and Diagnosing Platform

Changqing An, of Tsinghua University, presented on the collaborative BGP routing and analyzing platform project, which Tsinghua has been working on along with partners all over the world. The project is supported by an ISIF Asia grant, and a second grant is extending it further.

Lightning Talks – Redesperanza.tl

Redesperanza.tl gave a presentation on their ISIF Asia-supported project to establish community networks in Timor Leste. They discussed their vision for the project and the various challenges they have encountered.