Foundation Projects

Supercomputing Internet based on CERNET2 (IPv6)

Tsinghua University, CERNET CORPORATION

The China Research and Education Network (CERNET) operates China’s first independent  IPv6-only backbone network (CERNET2) which now connects over 2,000 universities within China.

This proposal aims to deploy large-scale professional supercomputing resources, universities’ supercomputing resources, and other relevant social resources on CERNET2, their IPv6-only infrastructure while maintaining compatibility with IPv4 networks. This will help widely connect the supply and demand side in the high-performance computing field and facilitate heterogeneous integration among different supercomputing centres.

The proposal aims to:

  • Build high-speed interconnections among various supercomputing centers with 10Gbps/100Gbps access to IPv6 bandwidth.
  • Set up an environment for testing relevant supercomputing applications at supercomputing centers.
  • Design and develop a Computing Power Scheduling and Service Platform System.

This project is an IPv6 Deployment Grant.