Foundation Projects

The APNIC Foundation is a fund-raising organization that supports a variety of initiatives across the APNIC service region of 56 economies. Additionally, some grants are provided to organizations based outside this region if their work supports Internet development in the Asia Pacific.

Foundation activities include the disbursement of grants via ISIF Asia, as well as other forms of community assistance. The Foundation also leads projects such as Switch! or works with funders and other organizations, including APNIC and Keio University, to further Internet development in the Asia Pacific.

Below is a list of initiatives that the Foundation has supported. The year represents the year the project began.

Please note that the Foundation is in the process of updating this list, so some projects or technical reports may not be available as yet.

In addition, Sustainable Development Goals were introduced in 2015 but have been retroactively added for projects that precede that year.

Program Title Economy Year Organization Type Status