Ongoing Projects

The following is the list of approved projects for 2017-2019:

1. Seed Alliance: An Alliance to Scale Digital Innovation (2017–2019)

Donor: Canada’s International development Research Centre (IDRC)

The project scaled-up digital innovation for initiatives that focus on gender equality and fostering women’s leadership in the Internet for development sector. The project has helped provide two grants, mentoring and networking opportunities to foster women’s leadership, and honours women’s contributions to the Internet sector through an award.

2. Seed Alliance: Connecting the last mile. Community Networks Grants and Awards (2017–2019)

Donor: Internet Society

The project contributes to community-lead initiatives working to achieve affordable, locally owned and managed communication infrastructure, deploying creative low-cost solutions that use wireless technologies, GSM and/or fibre connections. The project has helped provide two grants and an award that acknowledge and honour individuals that contribute to Community Networks.

3. Raising cyber security capability and awareness: A secure and resilient Internet infrastructure for development in the Pacific (2016–2018)

Donor: Australian’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)

The project strengthened Internet security in the Pacific by fostering and supporting the development of Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) at the national level. This was done through a bottom-up, research-led capacity building program for selected security personnel, policymakers, relevant government departments, ISPs and telecom operators in the region.

4. Developing the capability of the Papua New Guinea Computer Emergency Response Team (2018–2019)

Donor: DFAT

The project strengthens Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) and the Pacific’s Internet security by supporting the development of a national PNG Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT). This is done through supporting the ICT hardware, software and other material needs of PNG CERT, and by providing APNIC-led training and mentorship for the officers of PNG CERT and other key stakeholders.

5. Combating cybercrime ‘safe havens’: Building a well-informed and trained cyber law enforcement community in the Pacific (2018–2019)

Donor: DFAT

The project complements and builds on the efforts of the Council of Europe’s GLACY program, Australia’s efforts through Cyber Safety Pasifika and the PILON Cybercrime Working Group. Where these initiatives have a strong policy and cyber safety foundation, this program focuses on developing capacity through the provision of technical and governance training for Pacific law enforcement officers and judiciary.

6. Enhancing National Cyber Security and Network Quality of Service in Advance of Papua New Guinea’s Hosting of APEC (2018–2019)

Donor: The New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT); DFAT; in coordination with The Asia Foundation (United States)

The project works to reduce national-level network inefficiencies and enhance the cybersecurity capabilities of Papua New Guinea, as a preparatory initiative to enhance network capacity prior to the installation of the second submarine cable. The project delivers technical skills training to local professionals responsible for the essential task of keeping PNG networks up and running, enhance emergency response capabilities through support for the new national Computer Emergency Response Team (PNG CERT) and technical interventions that improve strategic local infrastructure such as PNG’s new neutral Internet Exchange Point (PNG IX).