Strategic Plan

The Foundation’s Strategic Plan outlines the priorities of the APNIC Foundation between 2021 and 2024 and is designed to fulfill the Foundation’s vision and mission while remaining aligned with its identity and values.


A global, open, stable and secure Internet that is affordable and accessible to the entire Asia Pacific community.


To increase investment in Internet development in the Asia Pacific region, through engaging with partnerships to impact education and training, human capacity building, community development, research, and related projects and activities.


A dedicated team of experts passionate about the opportunity to build capacity (both people & infrastructure) to foster an open, stable and secure Internet, accessible to all.


  • Passion
  • Trust
  • Curiosity
  • Accountability
  • Inclusion

The Foundation has three key pillars: Meaningful Impact, Transformational Engagement and High Performance. These pillars are at the core of all Foundation activities.


The logo for the Meaningful Impact pillar of the Foundation. It shows an orange circle with an arrow pointing to the center, and concentric rings.

Enhance levels of knowledge, infrastructure development and inclusion within the Asia Pacific technical community.

INFRASTRUCTURE: Strengthen and support the deployment of Internet infrastructure and deploy tools for operational infrastructure security and monitoring.

INCLUSION: Support/enable the Asia Pacific Internet community in providing meaningful and efficient access to the Internet, from a technical and operational perspective.

KNOWLEDGE: Enhance technical and operational knowledge contributing to an informed and
collaborative community.


The logo for the Transformational Engagement pillar of the Foundation. It shows a white arrow pointing to a semicircle, inside a purple circle.

Raise awareness of Foundation activities through engagement & collaboration. Foster productive partnerships to support Internet development.

– Build and support targeted communities so they sustainably grow and develop independently.

– Collaborate in program design and project delivery to ensure meaningful impact, shared value and ongoing improvement.

– Engage with the Internet development community to promote key issues and priorities.

– Increase and diversify the Foundation’s funding and resources by engaging with existing and new partners/investors in support of Internet development.

– Expand the Foundation’s profile/influence/reputation and capabilities/expertise through proactive communications and networking opportunities.


The logo for the High Performance pillar of the Foundation. It shows white circles inside a green circle. The white circles are linked with a white line, and they are above and on a dotted line.

Deliver best practice people, finance and business systems that support the Foundation’s operations.

– Strengthen program quality and evidence base

– Implement equitable, accurate and efficient process and systems

– Provide efficient and robust governance, finance and business services

– Deliver an engaged employee lifecycle experience