ISIF Asia moves to the Foundation site

Frequent visitors to the website may have noticed in recent days that the domain now redirects to the website. The ISIF Asia website predates the establishment of the Foundation, and as part of the Foundation corporate communications, it was decided in 2022 to move as a section on the new Foundation website … Read more

Project complete! Inclusive access to Internet services and information for persons with disabilities in Bangladesh

Handicap International – Humanity & Inclusion sought to improve the Internet experience for people with disabilities in Bangladesh – and it was important that people with disabilities were involved in every step of the project planning and implementation. Below, you can see the proposal video submitted a few years ago by Vashkar Bhattacharjee who worked with the HI Bangladesh team. That project is now … Read more

Join the Foundation session at APRICOT 2024

Impact stories from the Foundation’s gender diversity work in South East Asia will be shared at the Foundation session at APRICOT 2024 / APNIC 57. The six national coordinators of the Switch! project have been working closely with the 174 women and gender diverse people participating in the project, and witnessed their stories firsthand. They … Read more

Project complete! Equal Access to Information Society in Myanmar

The most recent Equal Access to Information Society in Myanmar project by the Myanmar Book Aid and Preservation Foundation aimed to improve digital literacy in villages throughout the country, using libraries as the focal point for different types of outreach and education. The plan was to bring together and scale three different pillars in service of this overall goal: Mobile Information … Read more

Apply now for Digital Leap South Asia – Technical Training

The APNIC Foundation is pleased to launch its Call for Applications for sponsored technical training and community engagement opportunities under its Digital Leap South Asia Project in support of Internet professionals working in Afghanistan (or diaspora Afghans), the Maldives, and Pakistan.   If you have a technical background in Internet development, its operations, security, policy, regulatory … Read more