Foundation Projects

Accelerating IPv6 deployment in enterprises through strategic adoption, governance, and automation

Universitas Islam Indonesia

The IPv6 anywhere, accelerating IPv6 adoption with multiple models of IPv6 deployments project found that while the lack of knowledge and understanding of IPv6 is a critical issue hampering adoption, this is only part of the problem. The sheer volume of equipment, such as routers, layer three switches, and servers that require renumbering with IPv6 addresses, poses an overwhelming challenge.

This proposal aims to:

  • Undertake research in gap analysis, needs assessment, automation and governance best practices, and establish project metrics
  • Deliver train-the-trainer activities to enhance the project team's understanding of IPv6
  • Establish an IPv6 automation prototype using a virtual lab, which will serve as a practical example of how automation can be implemented
  • Deliver workshops for IPv6 adoption across Indonesia

Establish a communication channel for participants to share their experiences in deploying IPv6, creating a collaborative and supportive environment that fosters learning.

This project is an IPv6 Deployment Grant.