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IPv6 Anywhere, Accelerating IPv6 Adoption with Multiple Models of IPv6 Deployments

Universitas Islam Indonesia

In many countries, IPv6 deployment is always a chicken and egg problem, which one comes first. Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) has been using IPv6 since 2018. However, based on our analysis back in the day, our IPv6 bandwidth usage was relatively small. Only a few contents were delivered using the IPv6 protocol on that day. In addition, IPv6 deployment in Indonesia was only less than one percent.

Thankfully, today, we are seeing an increasing number of IPv6 users as many content providers are beginning to offer IPv6-based content. At the same time, big mobile operators are starting to enable IPv6. Yet, unfortunately, Indonesia is still in quite a low number, where only less than 10 percent of users are using IPv6. The situation has challenged us to improve the use of IPv6, as we have experiences, means, and strategies to deliver it.

Based on IPv6 stats delivered by APNIC, UII has consistently been in the top 5 of IPv6 users percentage for the past four years in Indonesia. Today, we have already given tens of thousands of IPv6 addresses to our users, both students and staff. Not only do we provide them whenever they are on campus, but also when they are outside campus. This experience has led us to how we can replicate and improve our means of IPv6 deployment to many users or organizations in Indonesia. This project hopes that we can help accelerate IPv6 implementations, not only limited to big organizations but also addressing up to individuals.