Foundation Projects

Migrating NITK Surathkal Campus Network to IPv6

National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal

IPv6 adoption in universities has lagged, especially on the internal networks. The primary reason for this is that IPv6 adoption is not on the list of universities’ top priorities. Nevertheless, being IPv6-ready can be immensely beneficial for universities and lead to technological advancements. It can directly impact the Research and Development budget of the university.

This project proposal is aimed at migrating the National Institute of Technology Karnataka (NITK), Surathkal’s campus network to IPv6. At the time of writing this application, the NITK campus network at Surathkal connects 45000+ terminals to the Internet, and with another campus coming up shortly (within 40 kms of range), this number is expected to rise significantly. There are 350+ switches, 1200+ indoor/outdoor WiFi access points and a dedicated data centre (hosting firewalls, core switches, web and application servers, servers for DHCP, DNS, IPAM, NAT, network management and monitoring) in the Surathkal campus.

The key highlights of this proposal are: (i) IPv6 transition planning and deployment for the NITK Surathkal campus network, (ii) Security auditing/planning and mitigating the risks of IPv6 deployment at NITK, (iii) Converting the web services and applications at NITK to IPv6, (iv) Test, validate and monitor the network performance and security aspects after IPv6 is deployed at NITK.