Foundation Projects

FUNDAÇÃO MARIA DE NAZARÉ (FMN)  (which means "network of hope" for Timor-Lesteaims to tackle the digital divide by supporting access to the Internet for everyone.

This grant proposal aims to improve connectivity to the “last mile“ through Next Generation Access (NGA) networks. It will also share content and services between academic institutions and civil society and promote the use of Tetum.

The proposal aims to:

  • Provide outdoor wifi hotspots to facilitate engagement with locals at Naroman Esperansa Campus
  • Complete links (fibre or radio) at critical locations
  • Complete “Kalohan Akadémiku” servers (content services for schools & universities)
  • Build a “” website providing information of the project and serve as a platform for community building
  • Deploy IoT applications for real use cases such as weather stations, energy infrastructure
  • Provide outdoor wifi hotspots in remote locations
  • Translate open source software and other content to Tetum
  • Leverage all those actions towards capacity building and promoting community networks