Project Complete! Samoa District Connectivity Project

What do you do after the hardware that enables connectivity has been deployed in rural areas? Is that “mission accomplished”?

The Samoa District Connectivity Project was the most recent stage in a process that has been unfolding across rural areas of Samoa over the past few years. Satellite connections were in the final stages of being deployed in 51 districts, but there is a vast distance between the connectivity theoretically being made available, and it actually being able to be used by the community.

Bluewave Wireless Ltd. worked with local partners to complete the physical deployment and helped set up district sites in these 51 locations, where residents could come and access that connectivity. They also trained government staff and locals in usage and maintenance of the technology.

The project was also beneficial for another Samoan project recently supported by the Foundation, the Indigitech Pacificode project, which emphasized connectivity and digital literacy in Samoan schools.

Full technical reports now available on the Foundation site for both projects (Samoa District Connectivity Project, Indigitech Pacificode).