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INDIGITECH PacifiCODE Project - Samoa

Code Avengers

Indigitech PacifiCode was a collaborative project that addressed a lack of digital skills and under-representation of Samoans in STEM fields. The project implemented a pilot program in 10 schools to increase each school's capacity to deliver ICT/DT education and tracked its success, reporting to the Samoan government.

The PacifiCode Digital Fluency Project, a pioneering initiative funded by a $150,000 USD Impact Grant from the APNIC Foundation, has made significant strides in advancing digital literacy and technology education in Samoa. This project was designed to address the digital divide and foster digital fluency among teachers and students, particularly focusing on remote and rural schools.

Project objectives:

Capacity Building: Providing Professional Development to a team of facilitators in Samoa, enabling them to deliver the certification program developed by Code Avengers. 5 in-country facilitators went through digital education professional development

Supplying high-quality devices and Internet data to facilitate access to online learning platforms: 111 high quality laptops were distributed to the 10 Pilot Schools, including a 3 year data package to each school.

Enhancing teachers' skills in ICT and Digital Technologies (DT) through a comprehensive Professional Learning Development Certification Program, and subsequently establishing ICT after-school programs led by these newly certified teachers: 40 of 62 Teachers have completed their ICT/DT PLD Certification, and have established an ICT/DT After-school program at each of their schools, with 953 students engaging on ICT e-learning platform and program.

Increasing female participation in ICT/DT education in the participating schools: Almost 50% of participating students were female (411).

A cornerstone of the project was the Professional Learning Development (PLD) Certification Program in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Digital Technologies (DT). This program aimed to elevate the digital competencies of teachers, equipping them with the necessary skills to integrate technology into their teaching practices effectively. A total of 62 teachers from 10 selected schools participated in this intensive training, which included 40 PLD sessions, each lasting 6 hours. These sessions were meticulously planned and executed over a period from March 6th to June 16th, 2023.

In addition to the teacher training, the project placed a strong emphasis on gender equity and inclusion. Notably, nearly half of the active users on the e-learning platform were young women, demonstrating the project's success in engaging female students in STEM fields.

The project also addressed infrastructural challenges by sourcing and installing 111 high-quality computers in the participating schools and providing three years of Internet data access. This initiative ensured that students and teachers in these schools could access vital e-learning resources, bridging the gap in digital access.

Gagaemalae Primary School Teachers receiving their ICT Certification in September 2023.
Students, Faleasiu Primary, ICT after-school session facilitated by teachers who have completed their PLD Certification, August 2023