Foundation Projects

INDIGITECH PacifiCODE Project - Samoa

Code Avengers

In 2019, Digital Education Limited (publicly known as Code Avengers) visited the big island of Savai’i and found that only two out of 61 schools visited had Internet connectivity and access to e-learning platforms. Teachers reported feeling left behind as they had limited access to educational resources.

In 2021, Code Avengers and E3 Rural Samoa Trust successfully piloted a coding workshop at Siufaga School in Savai’i. Currently the teachers at Siufaga School are running it as an after-school program which has had a total of 128 students.

This impact grant will increase digital literacy and bridge the digital divide. The project will increase the capacity of 10 schools to deliver ICT education. It will improve Internet access, availability to hardware and professional development of key teachers to deliver an empowered in-classroom program that aligns to the Samoan ICT curriculum and gives students confidence in a digital world.

A group of teachers from Faleasiu Primary school on the island of Upolu in Samoa.
Teachers of Faleasiu Primary were among the first on the main island of Upolu to complete Professional Learning Development (PLD) and Teacher Certification (TC) on the digital e-learning platform as part of the project.