Foundation Projects

Samoa District Connectivity Project

Bluewave Wireless

Bluewave deployed satellite infrastructure to 51 district sites in Samoa, that had little to no reliable connectivity and/ or redundancy for disaster preparedness. Priority was given to unserved or underserved village communities within each district. 

These district sites provided reliable connectivity access for the members of the community, as well as providing a connected site where key social, economic and education initiatives can now be delivered for the district.

Key Objectives:

  • Provided and improved reliable Internet connectivity service to unserved and underserved communities in Samoa via District office sites.  
  • Increased Internet speeds for District office sites in specific areas who previously had slow Internet connection.
  • Provided connectivity to District office sites in 51 districts across Samoa, which provided a central place for district communities to deliver social and economic projects through the $1 million District Development Projects funded by the Government of Samoa.  
  • Improved disaster preparedness for Internet networks operations through the District offices, which ensured the majority of districts in Samoa have access to reliable Internet connectivity and redundancy at a central location within the district during a natural disaster and/ or health epidemic (such as Measles & COVID-19). Reduced maintenance and operational costs of the district office networks.  
  • Improved security by providing appropriate firewalls for district offices.