Project Complete! Local Community-based Internet Infrastructure Development And Internet Utilization

It’s crucial to adapt projects to local conditions.

A recent ISIF Asia-supported project by Common Room Networks Foundation sought to bring connectivity to 10 villages in different regions of Indonesia. An existing School of Community Networking served as a hub and was “built out” to help deliver this connectivity – but in each village, needs, culture and conditions were different.

Tembok Village, in Bali Province (pictured) needed backhaul connectivity so a bamboo tower was installed. On the other hand, in Sukadana Village, in West Nusa Tenggara Province, the local shrimp cultivation industry had been conducted by hand previously and they were better served with training on IoT devices and sensors to better administer their shrimp ponds.

In each case, the community network activities were adapted for local needs.

Discover more, including the full technical report, on the project page.