Project Complete: IPv6 Anywhere, Accelerating IPv6 Adoption

Every economy faces different challenges when it comes to the uptake of Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6). In Indonesia, the challenge has many layers – historically the problem was a lack of IPv6 content and infrastructure, but in recent years that has become less of an issue. Issues like a lack of knowledge and general hesitancy have been more pronounced.

Universitas Islam Indonesia has been a leading advocate of IPv6 and a recent ISIF Asia-supported project sought to take the knowledge they had gained to higher education institutions, research organizations, and government agencies to help them in their IPv6 journey.

The project had three key outcomes:

  • Training over a hundred people across many organizations in IPv6
  • Research into what was delaying IPv6 adoption
  • Proof of concept “tunnel broker” software that would allow organizations to experiment with IPv6 even if they hadn’t been allocated any yet.

Discover more! The full technical report is now available via the project page.