Award-Winning Academic Paper Unveils a Novel Approach to Learning Mobility

Inxignia: Bridging the Gap in Learning Mobility – Awarded Best Position Paper at CSEDU 2024

By Marcos Sadao Maekawa

On May 4, the academic paper A Community-Based Support Scheme to Promote Learning Mobility: Practices in Higher Education in Southeast Asia and Japan, written by researcher Rika Ikeda (Keio University) and three other authors, was awarded Best Position Paper at the 16th International Conference on Computer Supported Education (CSEDU), held on May 2-4 in Angers, France. The manuscript introduces Inxignia, a scheme proposed by the research team in SOI (School on Internet) Asia initially to support learning mobility and validate learning opportunities within its network.

SOI Asia is an inter-university research network across Southeast Asia and Japan. It was established in 2001 and has been supported by the APNIC Foundation since 2021. Led by Keio University (Japan), the community currently comprises 29 partner institutions, including universities, research institutes, international organizations, and content providers, across 13 economies. With Inxignia, SOI Asia aims to create a cohesive learning journey for students participating in various short-term and online educational programs. It integrates learning experiences from different contexts into a coherent, continuous pathway, focusing on building a sense of community among learners.

At the core of Inxignia is a micro-credentialing e-portfolio platform that uses digital badges to document and visualize students’ learning achievements and opportunities. By tracking progress, the platform enables learners to have a clear overview of acquired skills and experiences, encouraging ongoing reflection and assisting in planning for future learning endeavors more effectively.

Community and Impact

The initial roll-out of Inxignia within the SOI Asia network has already demonstrated significant benefits. Students reported feeling more connected to their educational and professional goals, leading to higher motivation and engagement. Educators and program coordinators have also observed better communication and understanding of student’s needs, allowing for more effective and personalized educational offerings.

The recognition of the work about Inxignia at CSEDU 2024 highlights the critical role of innovative educational frameworks in today’s global learning landscape. As Inxignia continues to evolve and expand, it promises to pave the way for more coherent and community-focused learning mobility programs within SOI Asia and beyond.