Foundation Projects

School on Internet Asia (SOI Asia)

Keio University

The School on Internet Asia (SOI Asia) was launched in 2001 as a platform for linking education programs among universities and research institutions in Asia. It uses satellite Internet technology to provide connectivity that is less expensive, easier to deploy, and more feasible for universities located in regions where the Internet environment is insufficiently developed. The project also conducts research and seeks to develop information technology human resources in Asia.

SOI Asia has a various different projects.

The Asia Pacific Internet Engineering Program (APIE)

APIE provides courses on Internet engineering to computer science students. It serves as a pathway to bring students into the Internet technical community.

APIE online courses introduce all kinds of information about the Internet, from its birth to current progress, giving a clear vision of different roles in cyberspace and the importance of engineering for improving Internet infrastructure.

APIE runs various workshops and online lessons for its courses. It also runs APIE camps throughout the Asia Pacific to train students in person, and give them an opportunity to put their skills to the test using real network engineering equipment.

An image of an open door, leading to a room full of students working. The door has a sign on it with 6-10 February - the dates of the first APIE camp which was held in Japan.
The first APIE camp was held in Japan from 6 to 10 February.

Evidence Based Approach (EBA)

SOI Asia also does extensive work around the Evidence-Based Approach (EBA). The EBA is a data-driven learning strategy developed by SOI Asia. With an EBA, participants study a specific emerging issue by collecting and analyzing data. They then use the data for storytelling to understand and study the fundamentals of an issue and its related topics. The EBA Consortium is a collaboration of top universities in Southeast Asia to develop human resources capable of identifying and solving problems using evidence and analysis.

Fieldwork is part of the EBA program, and students have visited areas affected by man-made disasters to better understand local experiences and develop more resilient societies.

February 20 to March 1 2023, SOI Asia’s the EBA project conducted a fieldwork program in Kumamoto prefecture.

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