Project complete! IPv6 Knowledge Transfer (Webinars)

It’s hard to talk about Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)

The Internet runs on IP addresses. Much of the world uses IPv4 but there are limited IPv4 addresses available and they’re running out. Network Address Translation (NAT) lets us squeeze more out of IPv4, but it isn’t always easy. In the long run, making the switch to IPv6 makes it far easier to access to all the IP addresses we could ever need.

The challenge is in persuading and helping organizations to make the switch. The recently completed IPv6 webinar project, by the India Internet Engineering Society (IIESoc), sought to dispel concerns around IPv6 and assist with training. In the process of doing that, they engaged with the National Institute of Technology Karnataka, (NITK Surathkal), who were involved in a tricky IPv6 deployment project. The Foundation was pleased to be able to also support NITK Surathkal in that ongoing project. We love seeing ISIF Asia grantees working together!

Find out more on the project page.

And you can find out about the NITK Surathkal project is here.

Pictured are members of the IIESoc team during an engagement at an Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) hackathon in 2022.