Foundation Projects

IPv6 Knowledge Transfer (Webinars)

India Internet Engineering Society (IIESoc)

Despite a growing demand for training from technicians, management in both businesses and universities may be hesitant to invest in IPv6 training programs, citing a lack of justification to migrate to IPv6.

This creates an unfortunate cycle where misinformation about the complexity of the IPv6 protocol and unreasonable fears about security and manageability combined with the perceived lack of urgent business needs, prevents adoption of IPv6.

Overcoming these challenges and addressing misconceptions is critical to promoting wider adoption of IPv6.

Following from a 2020 grant from ISIF Asia, this project implemented a successful webinar series aimed at empowering enterprises and universities with essential and advanced IPv6 skills. Through this grant, India Internet Engineering Society (IIESoc), in collaboration with Industry Network Technology Council (INTC), provided technical training addressing the complexities of these networks to provide a comprehensive understanding of architecting and troubleshooting IPv6 networks. The webinars have proven invaluable in fostering the development of IPv6 expertise among businesses and universities, and this project builds upon that momentum to further support the adoption of IPv6 in these sectors.

The webinars were supplemented by lab demonstrations of the concepts. The labs show live operation, commands, and logs as well as packet traces. Apart from organizing the webinars on IPv6 migration for enterprises and universities, the project focused on providing hands-on experience to participants.  563 technicians from outsourcing companies, "brick-and-mortar" enterprises, small independent software companies and universities in 60 countries, 11 from the region, attended one or more of the webinars.

Many more downloaded the presentations or watched the recordings on YouTube.

In addition, IIESoc signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal (NITK Surathkal) in India to assist their team in the deployment of IPv6, which resulted in NITK Surathkal receiving an ISIF Asia IPv6 grant for their effort to deploy IPv6. Additionally, IIESoc collaborated with several other organizations, most of them based in India in the context of this grant to help them with IPv6 deployment in their university campuses. These efforts have culminated into two new Internet Drafts by IIESoc and INTC and several presentations at APNIC conferences.