Foundation Projects

Empowering Women, Youth, and Special needs people in the Tech Sector in Mongolia through Capacity Building and Community Building

The Cloud Academy

The project was initiated to bridge the opportunity gap in Mongolia's technology sector. With a focus on women and underprivileged youth, this endeavor aimed to provide equal access to cloud technology training and certification. The ultimate goal was to equip individuals with the in-demand skills needed to enhance their employability and contribute to the development of Mongolia's tech ecosystem. 

Project Objectives:

  1. Provide cloud technology training and certification opportunities to women and underprivileged youth.
  2. Promote gender diversity in the technology sector by empowering more women to pursue tech careers.
  3. Foster community engagement and collaboration through various tech-related events and initiatives.

During the reporting period, the Cloud Academy executed several key activities:

1. Training Sessions: Four Kubernetes and AWS certification courses were organized with a total of 80 graduates. 65% of the graduates successfully received their certificates already significantly increasing their employability. 30 students who could not afford the exam fee received additional vouchers.

  • Kubernetes training was provided to 40 underprivileged youth, including 15 women, marking a 30% increase in female participation before. 
  • AWS Training participant Khongorzul, a Cloud Academy graduate, won third place in the prestigious 'Cyber for Her 2023' AWS-based cybersecurity competition in Bangkok, Thailand. Additionally, both Khongorzul and Bulgantamir, also Cloud Academy alumni, were invited to share their expertise in a podcast, highlighting the program's success in fostering female skilled professionals.

2. Community Building: The Cloud Academy hosted four Hacknight events, a Cloud Days event, a Cloud Community Day event, and a Tech for Her event, with a combined participation of 531 individuals, including 151 female tech enthusiasts. The events received overwhelmingly positive feedback from female participants for creating networking platforms for women in tech.

3. Podcast Episodes: The project produced a total of three podcast episodes, with a total reach of 9,400:

  • TechBaatar: This series comprised three episodes aimed at enlightening the youth about the myriad opportunities within the tech industry and offering valuable tips to kickstart a career in this dynamic sector. Additionally, we have ten more raw videos featuring female guest entrepreneurs in this field. All upcoming videos, generously provided by APNIC, are set to be uploaded with the respective logo branding.
  • Cloud Academy Mongolia: This series comprised 17 episodes providing comprehensive coverage of organized events and condensed highlights. These episodes offered insights into our initiatives and community activities.

4. Cloud Academy actively engaged in collaborative efforts with various local technology events and workshops, exemplified by our participation in events such as DEVFEST 2023 and TECH FOR GIRLS. These initiatives collectively attracted a substantial audience, with a total of 320 participants. Noteworthy partnerships have been forged with industry leaders including Amazon Web Services, Fibo Global, GDG Ulaanbaatar, and MNOG, among others.

5. The project also aimed to address the shortage of human resources in this field. During this project period, Cloud Academy successfully facilitated the employment of thirteen new professionals at a high-tech companies in Mongolia. Additionally, half of the developers who graduated the training received promotions within their respective companies. Moreover, two teachers now have increased opportunities to enhance their skills through the academy. Two graduates have also advanced in their careers and are now contributing by teaching the new generation of students at the academy.

6. Throughout the preceding project period, Executive Director, Ganjiguur, orchestrated a series of events across Central Asia, including Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and the Kyrgyz Republic. These events, attended by approximately 200 participants, were strategically designed to promote awareness and showcase the cutting-edge Cloud technology, Community-building and Cloud products offered by project partner, Fibo Cloud.