Foundation Projects

Driver Distraction Management Using Sensor Data Cloud, Department of Computer Science and Engineering

University of Dhaka

Driver distraction can be defined as any type of events or causes that take away drivers visual (eyes off the road), manual (hands off the steering wheel) and cognitive (mind off the road) attention from the driving task.

To reduce the number of road accidents due to driver distraction, we designed and implemented a system for monitoring and controlling driver distraction, which is cost-effective and highly accurate. This system was implemented using sensor based data collection and transmission scheme.

To manage the collected data, a cloud data management infrastructure and a user-friendly interface have been developed. We analyzed, designed and implemented innovative system services such as real-time information collection and reporting on driveru2019s healthcare, providing alert messages immediately in emergency cases, determination of the distraction levels, etc.

Activities during the implementation period included:

  • Purchase of all the sensors
  • Data collection from those sensors
  • Training on cloud infrastructure and services
  • Database creation and management
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Extensive verification procedures
  • Writing a research paper for dissemination of knowledge