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Bug Zero

SCoRe Lab

Bug Zero, a project of Score Lab in Sri-Lanka, is helping introduce the concept of bug bounty platforms to South Asia by building an ecosystem of professionals in the region with better security knowledge.

The project provided materials, guidance, and real opportunities to work with actual organizations in solving bugs in their systems. Through 10 large seminars and other awareness raising activities (including more than 400 posts in their site:, shared in weekly and monthly newsletters) with a particular focus on the youth and on increasing the percentage of female participation in the ecosystem, the project recruited 1200+ bug hunters from 60 economies who are now registered in the Bug Zero platform.

This has led to finding 630+ security vulnerabilities in local organizations in Sri Lanka and have helped to fix critical 128 security issues through bug bounties. Seven commercial organizations joined the platform which was promoted as part of an agreement with the ICTA, the national agency in charge of promoting ICT in Sri Lanka.

Beyond this, the project has been recognized with awards nationally and internationally. 

Images from the Bug Bounty meetup - 2023/02/21
The project participated in the WiCSaT 2022 event at the University of Colombo.