Project complete! Developing a Collaborative BGP Routing Analyzing and Diagnosing Platform

This project by Tsinghua University and partners involved the development of a collaborative Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing analyzing and diagnosing platform that serves as a tool that can assist network operators with network security and research.

The project also contributed to building a collaborative community for enhancing the capacity of National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) to conduct network operations and measurement. 17 NREN organizations in the Asia Pacific region participated along with two research universities in Europe.

The tool also involves a detection and mitigation system for BGP “hijacks” in which an attacker can pretend to be someone else online and reroute Internet traffic in harmful ways. The tool allows network operators to analyze the robustness of routing in the Asia Pacific region.

By establishing a collaborative community, deploying monitoring platforms, enhancing security, and sharing knowledge, the project made significant strides in improving the resilience and efficiency of BGP routing services. Their efforts not only benefit NRENs but also contribute to the broader Internet community. The success of the project was greatly amplified by strong partnerships with various organizations, researchers, and community leaders.

You can see the project page here, or access the technical report directly.