Project Complete! Affordable Internet for the Community, By the Community

“Given the median age of the people of the country is 27, Bangladesh with its large young population can either become crippled by unemployment if the youth is not educated, or can become an economic powerhouse with its youth educated. The ONLY way to educate and employ this large young population is through the Internet. This will define the success and failure of the country in the next 20 years.”

ISIF Asia grantee Janata Wifi

This quote, from a recent ISIF Asia technical report, sums up why the APNIC Foundation focuses on digital development. If developed well, the Internet empowers people like no other technology.

The Janata Wifi project rolled out free or low cost connectivity to the people of Bangladesh via Wi-Fi hotspots. Read more about it on the project page.

Pictured are students in one of the free Wi-Fi hotspots set up by Janata Wifi near Feni Dighir Paar.