Internet Standards Ambassadors at IETF 119

Under the banner of Internet Standards Ambassadors, the Foundation is pleased to partner with the Australian Government to help increase participation at the IETF 119, held in Brisbane from 16 – 22 March.

A key part of Internet operations includes the development of standards, and it’s important to bring as many participants to the table as possible to ensure that the Internet standards-making process represents the diversity of the Internet itself. In a display of multistakeholder collaboration the Foundation received support from active members of the community concerned about the low participation and engagement from our region in these processes, and was able to identify 18 remarkable individuals that share a documented interest in standards development. These individuals come from a variety of organizations and backgrounds.

The 12 Australian Internet Standards Ambassadors for 2024 supported by the Australian Government are:

Christopher Hawker, Eugenia Georgiades, Jonathan Kua, Lucy Arrowsmith, Mark Smith, Muhammad Mohtasim S., Paresh Khatri, Reece Denne, Shiva Pokhrel, Tajender Singh V., Timothy Holborn and Yifan Wang.

With generous support from the APIDT from our Foundation Community Assistance fund, the Foundation is supporting six Asia Pacific (APAC) professionals. The APAC Internet Standards Ambassadors for 2024 are: ‘Etuate Cocker (PhD), Kavya Bhat, Nathan Ward, Priyanka Sinha, Ritu Srivastava, Vanessa Fernandes.

Pictured are IETF ambassadors with Foundation Head of Programs and Partnerships Sylvia Cadena.

See more photos from the event on the Foundation Flickr album.