Apply now for Digital Leap South Asia – Technical Training

The APNIC Foundation is pleased to launch its Call for Applications for sponsored technical training and community engagement opportunities under its Digital Leap South Asia Project in support of Internet professionals working in Afghanistan (or diaspora Afghans), the Maldives, and Pakistan.  

If you have a technical background in Internet development, its operations, security, policy, regulatory or research, you can apply by 11:59 PM (GMT/UTC) on the closing date of 20 Feb 2024 using the link below.

About the APNIC Foundation’s Digital Leap South Asia Project: 

In January 2022, the APNIC Foundation initiated its “Mentoring Network – Afghanistan” project with the goal of enhancing information sharing, technical knowledge, and local and regional engagement of the Afghan technical community. In 2024, the project expanded its geographic coverage to include Afghanistan, the Maldives, and Pakistan, which is now known as the Digital Leap South Asia Project. This South Asia project aims to enhance technical skills and competencies in the topics of Internet development, operations, security, and policy and regulatory in these three economies.

The training and professional development activities under this project are demand-driven and based on a personalized plan by its participants. Examples may include professional certification and courses from well recognized training providers such as on CompTIA, Cisco, Coursera, the APNIC Academy, among others. To further enhance professional development and increase participation and representation, selected project participants may receive support to attend events as speakers or registered participants, receive research support, among other possibilities depending on their performance.