Switch! Viet Nam – 2023 National Event

The Switch! project’s Viet Nam participants held their National Event in Da Nang city, from 7-10 September.

The event was held alongside the Vietnam Security Boot Camp 2023.

32 participants attended, including the National Coordinator, 20 Switch! participants, six SWITCH SEA participants, and five other guests.

See APNIC Foundation Flickr for more pictures of the event.


Day 1: Travel and check in

Day 2:

09:00Opening ceremony and the first conference program of Viet Nam Security Bootcamp 2023 
14:00GESI (Gender Equality and Social Inclusion) workshop 
16:30Travel to dinner
17:00Switch VN celebration/graduation and Dinner 

Day 3:

09:00Hear from Switch! VN Participants: Most Significant Change stories
14:00Industry update: Data Privacy in Viet Nam: local regulation and GDPR impact
15:15Industry update: The current Viet Nam Telecom market and the need to amend the Law of Telecommunication 
16:00Industry update: Internet architecture, resources, ecosystem and the Next-Gen protocol IPv6 
18:30Switch VN Gala Dinner