Photo of Duncan Macintosh

Duncan Macintosh

CEO and Executive Director

After three years as APNIC’s Development Director, Duncan was appointed the founding CEO and Executive Director of the APNIC Foundation in April 2017. As CEO, he leads efforts to support and advance the APNIC Development Program and the Internet’s technical development in the Asia Pacific region. The Foundation is focused on supporting professional development in the APNIC community, particularly among the network engineers who are building and running the Internet in Asia Pacific.

Before joining APNIC in 2014, Duncan spent more than 20 years working in development, technology and media in Asia including time in Hong Kong, Thailand and the Philippines. He has developed and established foundations in Singapore and Hong Kong and has extensive experience in innovation and global development and capacity building.

Over the past ten years, he has worked in the areas of strategic relations, technology and resource mobilization as well as investment and philanthropy. From 2007 to 2012, he worked on a campaign that raised USD 145 million including USD 4.7 million from Asian investors. Before that, he spent 15 years as a journalist in Australia, Asia and United Kingdom.

At the APNIC Foundation, Duncan leads efforts to engage and collaborate with development agencies, foundations, philanthropists and the private sector. Before joining APNIC, he founded and led foundations for one of Asia’s leading research organizations (and an APNIC member), the International Rice Research Institute.


Photo of Sylvia Cadena

Sylvia Cadena

Head of Programs

After ten years managing the Information Society Innovation Fund (ISIF Asia) at APNIC, Sylvia was appointed Head of Programs at the APNIC Foundation in December 2016. As Head of Programs, Sylvia works on the management, design and implementation of collaborative programs to expand APNIC’s capacity-building efforts and its overall Development Program.

At ISIF Asia, Sylvia continues to lead a grants and awards program that seeks to empower communities in the Asia Pacific to research, design and implement Internet-based solutions for their own needs. As one of the region’s most established Internet development programs, ISIF Asia places particular emphasis on the positive role the Internet has on social and economic development in the Asia Pacific.

Sylvia also leads APNIC’s engagement with the Seed Alliance, a global collaboration with the AFRINIC and LACNIC (the regional Internet registries for Africa, Latina America and the Caribbean respectively). Together with its funding partners, and various regional sponsors, the Seed Alliance supports innovative Internet development across the global south.

She is serving as a member of the ICANN CCWG on new gTLD auction proceeds and Co-Chair of the APrIGF.

Before joining APNIC in 2008, Sylvia spend 15 years working on the strategic use of the Internet for development with an emphasis on capacity building. Since her early years as a UN Volunteer, she has worked across the multistakeholder spectrum of organizations with technical, training and advisory roles, mainly about information systems, access provision and innovation.

In July 2003, her work was recognized with the “Annual Award for Young Professionals” by the International Development Research Center (IDRC).

Photo of Sylvia Cadena

Cathlene Corcoran

Business Services Coordinator

With over 16 years’ experience in administration, Cathlene joined APNIC and APNIC Foundation in a Business Services Coordinator role in October 2019. She provides administration and operational support. Cathlene coordinates training workshops within the Asia Pacific region, liaises with stakeholders to identify the requirements for the training facilities, provides travel plans, and ensures correct data entry and allocation of costs for donor funding.