Foundation Projects

Web-based transliteration and translation system between Urdu and Hindi languages

Punjabi University

The aim of this project is to facilitate electronic and written communication between people living in India and Pakistan through the development of a bi-directional web based Hindi-Urdu Language Transliteration/Translation Tool.

The target groups will be media organizations, literary and literacy promotional organizations, writers and NGOs involved in dissemination activities in areas where the two languages coexist. This project will develop a complete machine translation and transliteration system between Hindi and Urdu languages as facilitate the use of these technologies on the web, thus enhancing networking between India and Pakistan.

This translation tool enables Hindi and Urdu literate people to convert Urdu websites to Hindi and vice versa, allowing each user to read content in their primary language. The interface is designed to allow the user to see the meaning of Urdu words by placing the mouse cursor over any word about which they may be confused or curious. This allows the text to remain visually “clean” (without distracting pop-ups and unnecessary information) as only relevant information is shown at any point in time.