Foundation Projects

Virtual IPv6 application test bed

University of Colombo School of Computing

IPv4 exhaustion is becoming a pressing problem. Even if IPv6 solutions are available, it is still not being widely used or popular. We believe that the slow pace of deploying IPv6 is mainly due to the lack of supportive applications, security issues and the hardware cost.

In order to develop IPv6 applications, we must have a cost-effective test bed. Building a test bed using real hardware is very expensive for a developing country. On the other hand, IPv6 simulators and emulators available in the market are also expensive and they focus on the IP network layer.

After considering these problems and requirements, we have designed a viable solution called A Virtual IPv6 Application Testbed (VIPNet) using virtualization technologies. VIPNet can create a virtual IPv4 or IPv6 network using just a single personal computer. This approach could be used to create the necessary application environment for deploying and testing applications, which requires an IPv4 or IPv6 network. The final progress report summarizes our activities during the reporting period. In general, the vision of our research team is to develop low cost IPv6 application test bed with the necessary tools.