Foundation Projects

Sustainable development of ICT in Chin State

IREX and Techno Valley

Chin State is a sparsely populated state in western Myanmar. Its 500,000 people live in one of the least developed areas of the economy, with a poverty rate of 73%. The mountainous terrain in this area and lack of infrastructure hamper service-delivery. Since early 2021, there has been significant new conflicts, resulting in the displacement of many people. The lack of natural resources and transport links mean there is very little industrial or Information Communication Technology (ICT) development. 

This proposal aims to:

  • Create an ICT development plan for Chin State
  • Skill 36 future trainers from nine townships of Chin State.
  • Provide Training of Trainers in basic computer skills, web design, programming, hardware, networking, operating systems and graphic design (9 townships x 4 computer courses).
  • Produce a research paper on findings and data analyses