Foundation Projects

APNIC training delivery in the Asia Pacific


The APNIC Training Delivery and Community Trainers Project helps technicians in the Asia Pacific Internet community operate and manage Internet infrastructure and services according to current industry best practice by offering the following:

  • Instructor-led training: Increase operational knowledge and skills in the community by delivering in the APNIC region, instructor-led training, either face-to-face, online or hybrid, on operational deployment and best practices.
  • Technical assistance. Help members adopt best practices when implementing networking technologies after training.
  • Community trainers network. Expand the reach, scope and effectiveness of APNIC Academy training to meet rising community demand for technical skill development by recruiting, retaining and developing more community trainers (CTs) locally to deliver training across the region. CTs receive support to remain active in their local network operator groups and technical communities.
  • Resource public key infrastructure (RPKI) awareness and deployment support. Increase the adoption of RPKI and routing security in the APNIC region by providing training and technical assistance on RPKI and route origin validation (ROV) deployment, raising awareness and sharing best practice through presentations at events and online, including blog posts.
  • IPv6 awareness and deployment support. Encourage increased deployment of IPv6 in the APNIC region by providing training and technical assistance and sharing IPv6 best practices, information resources and case studies.

The APNIC Foundation began supporting the full training delivery program in 2021, however the Foundation had already worked with APNIC on specific training projects prior to this date.

APNIC trainers and workshop participants during APNIC 54 in Singapore.

Highlights from 2022

In 2022, the Training Delivery and Community Trainers Project has met or exceeded most of its targets for the year. They include instructor-led training, in which 141 Instructor-led tutorials and workshops were conducted, much more than the annual target of 100, and 18 live webinars, meeting the target.

Importantly, a training survey rating of 4.3 out of 5.0 exceeded the target of 4.0, and all technical assistance requests received responses within the planned 7 days. Thirty active CTs had volunteered across 15 economies by the end of 2022, exceeding the target of 10, and 20% of trainings were led by retained CTs, exceeding the target of 10%.

Finally, RPKI and IPv6 awareness and deployment support exceeded annual targets, with 26 instructor-led RPKI and/or ROV tutorials and workshops conducted, well above the planned eight, and 25 instructor-led IPv6 deployment tutorials conducted, three times the eight planned.

APNIC training events in 2022 by region.

This is an ongoing, multi-year project. For funding details, see the relevant annual reports.