Foundation Projects

Support for IXP Manager 2022

Island Bridge Networks Limited

IXP Manager is a full stack management platform for Internet eXchange Points (IXPs) which includes an administration and customer portal; provides end to end provisioning; and both teaches and implements best practice.

IXP Manager began as an internal project at INEX in the late 90s. Over that time it has changed a lot, but always for the better and always to help run INEX efficiently and with lower overhead. Three of its key requirements as an IXP are security, consistency and reliability. IXP Manager has been designed to help achieve these.

The vision for IXP Manager as a technology is that it will enable the creation of IXPs wherever they are required which in turn will create a stronger, open, more robust and better connected Internet. And not only is it hoped that IXP Manager will help start these new IXPs but that it will also enable these IXPs to launch from the best place possible: secure by default, proven configurations and designs, implementing best practice.

There are aspirations to gather and foster an 'IXP Manager community' - a place where the 209+ IXPs that use IXP Manager can come and help each other, learn from each other and share their stories.

IXP Manager is in use by at least 209 IXPs around the world - with more being added every month.