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CyberGreen Institute

The Cybergreen Institute is a Global non-profit and collaborative organization conducting activities focused on helping to improve the health of the global cyber ecosystem.

Establishing a science of cyber public health

The Internet is vast, complicated, and infinitely interconnected, but our view of its extensive set of interrelated and interconnected risks is narrow and woefully incomplete.

There isn't enough consistent, high quality data to evaluate the relative effectiveness of cybersecurity mitigation strategies or predict future outcomes, let alone begin to untangle the wider determinants, impacts, or flows of risk.

To meet the evolving cybersecurity threats of tomorrow, there needs to be a change of perspective. This needs a wider view and a more rigorous, data-driven approach.

Medical professionals faced a similar challenge at the dawn of the 19th century as outbreaks of infectious diseases spiked and health disparities between wealthy and poor communities ballooned.

The early pioneers of public health and its diagnostic discipline – epidemiology – shifted the perspective of medicine over the course of the 19th century, effectively revolutionizing the treatment and mitigation of infectious diseases and beyond.

Research projects

CyberGreen conducts and supports research that advances the science of Cyber Public Health. It currently supports interdisciplinary research of the public health model and how it can most effectively be applied to the challenges of cybersecurity. It is also contributing to the data foundations of this new science by conducting its own systematic data collection and analysis efforts and making its data sets available to independent researchers.