Foundation Projects, Cambodian Human Rights Portal

Cambodian Center for Human Rights represents a new, collaborative approach to human rights work, which relies on monitoring, documentation, and information sharing as a basis for research and evidence-based dialogue, enabling advanced advocacy with Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and development partners.

The Human Rights Portal project plans and infrastructure are shared with other Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to encourage its adoption, which would strengthen civil society’s capacity to improve human rights conditions in Cambodia, in particular civil and political rights. The Cambodian Center for Human Rights provides training to build capacity and transfer skills, knowledge, and tools to empower organizations to advocate for change.

The picture shows ISIF Asia founding award winners at the IGF conference in Nairobi, Kenya, in 2011.
ISIF Asia founding award winners at the awards ceremony held as part of the 2011 Internet Governance Forum in Nairobi, Kenya. Award winners received support to attend the conference in addition to the AUD 7,500 award. Left to right: Ou Virak (Cambodia), Meenakshi Guatham (India), Lemi Soarez (Timor Leste) and Emani Fakaotimanava-Lui (Niue).