Foundation Projects

Scaling up Tools for measuring the status of Internet connectivity

University of Technology, Sarawak

Determining connectivity speeds is challenging due to "gaps" between the projected figures and the actual situation on the ground. In 2022, a proof-of-concept online platform was developed to measure network performance based on crowdsourced data instead of data reported by telecommunications companies. The platform also features netStethoscope a low cost innovation, which allows stakeholders to monitor the status of the network at a specific location and times.

This proposal aims to develop regional sites for and deploy netStethoscope in multiple sites across Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia, India, and Australia.

The proposal aims to:

  • Collect, analyse and report data on Internet access and performance from the users' perspective, by using GIS mapping features and network diagnostic tools.
  • Develop and deploy netStethoscope sensor devices to monitor and report the status of remote Internet access points in selected remote communities.
  • Design a training module and conduct training for developing netStethoscope and