Foundation Projects

Promoting Women’s Rights and Safety Online: Addressing Electronic Violence Against Women (eVAW)

Foundation for Media Alternatives

This project aims to strengthen and systematize data-gathering on technology-based Violence Against Women (VAW)—also known as electronic VAW or eVAW—in the Philippines using simple technological tools.

The data will be aggregated, mapped, and analyzed to generate evidence-based knowledge for policy recommendations, and feed a continuing awareness-raising effort within government and civil society leading to strategic legal/policy development, strategic capacity-building, and enhanced access to justice for victims of eVAW.

This project’s specific objectives include:

  1. Providing more stakeholders with a greater awareness of eVAW, and the tools for documenting incidents in a more systematic manner, empowered by technologies and social media; and aggregating and analyzing such national data on eVAW to build understanding on how and where these violations are taking place.
  2. Involving key actors in identifying remedies that may be available in current laws and regulations and, where needed, develop new policies that seek to protect women's rights including their safety and security, via an eVAW Policy Agenda/Roadmap.
  3. Building capabilities of government and non-government stakeholders to address incidents of eVAW strategically and in a coordinated manner, and improving access to justice of victims by addressing coordination and capacity gaps.
  4. Scaling up public information and awareness-raising on eVAW of various actors through strategic communication, information dissemination, and public engagement activities.
  5. Sustaining existing and new networks of stakeholders to build a strong constituency for addressing eVAW and utilizing new technologies and promoting women’s rights.