Foundation Projects

Project School Internet

Responsible Internet Sustainability Effort, Inc (RISE)

Only 26% of schools in the Philippines were connected to the Internet in 2020. This represents a hugely underserved community. Internet access for school-aged children is important for a number of reasons – digital skills will likely be necessary in future career paths and important for the economy. 

This proposal aims to provide a working model for providing affordable Internet to schools by catalysing the network infrastructure and providing reduced cost services. Specifically, it will operate at scale to provide high speed broadband Internet to 50 schools in the Philippines in a context specific and cost effective way. 

The project will: 

  • Provide broadband internet to students of 50 schools for a minimum of 18 months 
  • Provide schools with access to support and fault response 
  • Engage, select, onboard and train each school. 
  • Provide the technical engineering work: site surveys, the onsite installation and fiber network installation