Foundation Projects

Pacific Islands Schools, Connectivity, Education, and Solar (PISCES) Project


The PISCES Project is bringing solar powered Internet connectivity and related computing technology to remotely located schools in Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia (FSM).

At present, remotely located schools across the Pacific lack two key conditions for realizing success: electricity and Internet connectivity. To help advance these schools and provide new educational opportunities, the PISCES Project has initiated a multi-partnered endeavor comprising training, local capacity building, deploying solar-powered computer labs and establishing Internet connectivity that will demonstrate the feasibility of an affordable, repeatable, and sustainable solution for connecting schools on remote islands both regionally and globally.

This project builds upon the recent success of a single pilot installation of precisely this technology at Udot School in Chuuk Lagoon, and this grant has allowed the project to expand. It has also allowed for recently established partnerships to be cemented. Expanding the project to multiple participant schools has not only proven the concept, it has also allowed for the continuation of local training and capacity building.

The longer-term goal is that this project will continue to scale across Chuuk State. This grant has allowed the team to carry out five additional site surveys and to lay the groundwork for three additional deployments at currently un-connected schools in the Chuuk lagoon.