Foundation Projects

Open Lawful Intercept for Asia Pacific

University of Waikato

This project is to improve network operations in Asia Pacific in the area of Lawful Intercept.

OpenLI is the only open source software capable of meeting the ETSI standards for lawful interception. OpenLI has achieved broad acceptance among network operators in New Zealand but is not well known in other countries.

It has benefits beyond low cost in that OpenLI is easy to deploy and maintain and is capable of high performance (i.e. multiple Gbps of concurrent interception).

We intend to work with APNIC to reach out to operators in other Asia Pacific jurisdictions to understand their requirements for lawful intercept. We will then provide development, training and other improvements as required to meet those requirements.

Once the development is complete, we will develop an engagement process to collaborate with network operators to deploy OpenLI and demonstrate that it is capable of meeting their lawful intercept requirements.

The long term aim is to move OpenLI to a sustainable model where the software is reliable and well maintained and continuously developed to meet new network and law enforcement requirements.

An additional project, OpenLI for the Pacific Islands, looked at expanding this project to communities in the Pacific.