Foundation Projects

Jaroka - Mobile Based Tele-Healthcare

UM Healthcare Trust

This project aimed to devise newer and effective ways for bringing a rapid change in healthcare for rural communities. The project has launched Jaroka to lower the cost of delivering care dramatically by leveraging ICT to deliver the scarcest resource - medical expertise - remotely.

The Jaroka Tele-Healthcare model used the Internet and a mobile platform to extend tele-healthcare services in rural Pakistan. This included voice, Short Text Messaging (SMS),Multimedia Messaging (MMS), GPRS/Edge and VSAT to quickly and efficiently extend medical advice to Rural Health Workers (RHWs) in the field by connecting them to a network of specialists in cities and abroad. This model also included Pakistan's First Health Map through which the latest and live healthcare information was shared with relevant stakeholders across Pakistan. Through this project over 130,000 people have received treatment at hospitals and in the field.