Foundation Projects

IPv6 deployment in Unitel

Unitel LLC

As a leading telecommunications provider in Mongolia, Unitel began deploying IPv6 in 2023. Customer Premises Equipment (CPEs) support IPv6 but it is not enabled by default, which means customers must enable IPv6 manually. However, the CPEs do not support IPv6 firewalls exposing security risks to end users. This requires customizations.

This proposal aims to help achieve full-scale IPv6 deployment for all Unitel’s customers while remaining secure and efficient. There are three phases. The first is IPv6 deployment for household subscribers on a fixed domain. The second focuses on enterprise subscribers on the fixed network. The third phase will deploy IPv6 on the mobile domain.

The proposal aims to:

  • Provide software customizations on various type of CPEs with vendors to provide IPv6 Firewall function to decrease security risk.
  • Implement remote management systems such as TR069 to control all of CPEs to enable IPv6 and software upgrades.