Foundation Projects

Internet Rights are Women’s Rights

Point of View in partnership with Association for Progressive Communications

More and more women around the globe are users and consumers of the Internet - but women's voices are critically absent in shaping and defining the ways in which the Internet is used.

Internet Rights Are Women's Rights aims to bridge the gap between 'Internet rights' and 'women's rights'. How? By building inter-movement engagement, dialogue and an in-country network in India with key partners working on sexual rights, women's rights and Internet rights. This would mean building the capacity of rights advocates, activists and organizations in the areas of Internet security, privacy and content regulation to defend gender and sexual rights online. It would also mean opening the eyes of Internet rights activists to gender issues in cyberspace.

The project objectives were:

  1. To build a dynamic network of researchers, activists, and policy advocates, members of the technical community to take collaborative action for advocacy, strategizing, research, support and response.
  2. To develop a monitoring platform on threats, regulation of online sexual content and practices, and to assess the role and value of the Internet that is potentially impacted by these measures.
  3. To make users of the Internet, especially women, aware of Internet rights and of the intersection between women's rights, sexual rights and Internet rights.