Foundation Projects

Internet Niue - Niue’s island-wide internet network

Rocket Systems Limited

Internet Niue has enabled the inhabitants of the most isolated nation on the planet to connect with the outside world and to participate in modern culture.

Ninety percent of Niueans are connected, making this the highest Internet penetration rate in the South Pacific. A successful business model based on profits achieved through sale of register names under the .NU domain managed by the IUSN Foundation, is helping Niue to develop a tourism industry, providing the greatest hope for the Niue economy.

Visitors to Niue can expect high standard communications infrastructure, even in such a remote location. The project, established in 1999 by external consultants, is now managed entirely by a local business, Rocket Systems Limited. The “healthy user” policies and support provided promote a healthy lifestyle for Niueans.

The picture shows ISIF Asia founding award winners at the IGF conference in Nairobi, Kenya, in 2011.
ISIF Asia founding award winners at the awards ceremony held as part of the 2011 Internet Governance Forum in Nairobi, Kenya. Award winners received support to attend the conference in addition to the AUD 7,500 award. Left to right: Ou Virak (Cambodia), Meenakshi Guatham (India), Lemi Soarez (Timor Leste) and Emani Fakaotimanava-Lui (Niue).