Foundation Projects

Improving health service delivery through Internet connectivity

Davao Medical School Inc. (DMSF)

Consultations conducted with health workers in local government districts (barangays) around Davao have revealed weak and unstable Internet access. This leads to problems with online health consultations and referrals, and makes it challenging for health workers to operate the iClinicSys system for submitting health records, as well as the E-Konsulta public app. The power outages also cause problems for Wifi Vendo machines.

This proposal aims to target healthcare sites and improve their Internet signals by installing satellite/tower Internet connections that are connected to PESO WIFI Vendo machines. These more reliable vending machines have been used by DMSF in a previous project funded by ISIF and they will also be income-generating for local healthcare providers to ensure the sustainability of their operations. The project will also train members of the Association of Barangay health workers in the operations and financial sustainability of the machines.