Foundation Projects

I Change My City

Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy was a hyper-local social change network that has created communities of citizens in Bengaluru, keen on solving city centric problems and has resolved around 10,000 complaints by connecting them to various government agencies. The site has tried to help solve issues ranging from garbage collection, poor street lighting, potholes and security related issue in the suburbs. It has also provided citizens with useful information on how much funds have been allocated to wards and constituencies and how the same has been utilized.

The unique power of was that it networks people locally to address issues of common concerns. It connected people on-line to bring them together off-line for civic engagement on the ground. The multiplicity of various government departments and the paperwork involved acts as a deterrent for many individuals to connect with civic agencies. tried to address this problem by being a seamless bridge between government and citizens. worked on the 4C mantra - Complaint, Community, Connect, and Content.