Foundation Projects

Honeynet Threat Sharing Platform

Swiss German University (SGU), BSSN (Badan Siber & Sandi Negara), Indonesia Honeynet Project (IHP)

With the continuous rise of cyber security threats, monitoring security potential threats and attacks become essential to plan for cyber defense. Honeypot, a decoy system designed to lure attackers, has been used to track and learn attacker’s behavior.

Collecting attacker’s interactions with honeypot at different locations inside different organization’s premises provide useful and more complete picture of the landscape of current cyber security threats. The log of the attacks to the honeypots become an essential cyber security threat information that could be shared to many of the security incident analysts at different organizations to provide relevant and contextual threat intelligence.

The goal of this project is to develop and implement a honeynet threat sharing platform that could collect, store, add contextual information pertaining to the threat and share these threat information to the relevant organization. The result of the project will be first implemented in Indonesia then ASEAN and Asia Pacific countries, providing organizations security threat information on a collaborative effort among participating organizations.