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High-speed backbone for Nepal Research and Education Network

Nepal Research and Education Network

High Speed Internet connectivity is a vital tool for fast data collection, as well as efficient online interactions. Nepal has been hampered by low data speed connectivity. There is Internet access, but Nepal lacks high speed connectivity for research and education networks. Currently, the Nepali Research and Education Network (NREN) community operates over a low-speed network with an older infrastructure, and lacks access to communications tools such as video conferencing and other communications technologies. As such, is currently unable to share research and educational information in an efficient manner.

The Nepal Research and Education Network (NREN) aims to connect universities, colleges, and research institutions through an advanced, high-speed Research and Education Network. However, field research shows that most of these institutions are only able to access the Internet via minimal (64 Kbps – 128 Kbps) network speeds. These low speeds do not facilitate the use of advanced video conferencing and other recent network technologies. The lack of updated networking devices, including network switches, routers, and a suitable lab environment, have also contributed to reducing the overall networking performance of these institutions. NREN addressed these resource constraints with this project, promoting a sharing environment and enhancing local networks for the purposes of advanced research.