Foundation Projects

FCA: WSA Grand Jury Meeting 2023-2024

International Center for New Media (ICNM)

The World Summit Awards (WSA) Grand Jury meeting is one of the most important events during the yearly WSA cycle. Around 20 high level experts, representing different stakeholders (government, private sector, academia, startups, civil society) are invited to India to compare, discuss and evaluate the WSA nominations of best practices in digital innovation for the UN SDGs, in a democratic and moderated process. They compare the submissions regarding their local impact, the appropriate use of technology in the local context and select a group of 40 digital solutions, that prove that ICT applications can improve society, promote diversity, human rights and contribute to the achievement of the UN SDGs. 

During the event in Hyderabad, India in February 2024, the international jury members will meet and connect with local stakeholders, sharing knowledge and experiences how to foster ethical entrepreneurship, gender diversity in the tech sector, and develop inclusive digital solutions that transform our information society into a knowledge society. During roundtables, workshops and panel discussions topics like media monopoly, spread of fake news and hate speech will be addressed.

This funding supported the travel costs for jury members from the region (Philippines, Indonesia, New Zealand, and other representatives from the Asia Pacific Region.)