Foundation Projects



The Mispa IXP (MISPA-IX) has 2 BIRD servers (VMs) to provide reachability information for its services. These two servers were hosted on a single physical server. MISPA-IX needs another physical server for hosting the secondary route server at a different site to provide redundancy. 

In addition, the current equipment used at the MISPA-IX network is outdated and is reaching the end of its useful life. This brings technical difficulty for ensuring normal operation of the IX network. Also, as some of the ports are faulty, the IXP faces a situation where it cannot increase the port capacity as per requests from its members. 

To address the issue of hosting route servers on one physical machine an additional physical server needs to be purchased and installed at another site.

The grant is to purchase a new switch which meets the IX technical requirements. Most importantly, it will not only improve the resilient operation of MISPA-IX network, but also will allow more local networks to connect to the IX network.