Foundation Projects

FCA: Developing SolCERT 2023

Ministry of Communication and Aviation

The Solomon Islands Ministry of Communication and Aviation is establishing a Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT).

The main focus of this project is to develop CERT/CSIRT capability to coordinate the economy’s national cyber security aspirations. This includes having the appropriate governance and organizational structure, the required resources and skills and mechanisms for information and threat intelligence sharing. 

It isn't practical to find qualified, cybersecurity-trained specialists locally. Thus, instead, the approach is to recruit and train people. This requires a forward-thinking plan.

The project will ensure that SolCERT will have access to technical resources to provide guidance in ensuring that it is established in accordance with international best practices and appropriate cybersecurity standards. This also includes the development of relevant Governance and organizational structure and a forward-looking and realistic capacity roadmap in accordance with the functions and services that is embedded in and expected from SolCERT. This involves the provision of technical expertise in the planning and design of the structure and identification of the roles and responsibilities of the CERT.

Part of the approach is to provide the baseline training required to build SolCERT's cybersecurity capability starting at Trainee Analyst level. This training will also be focused on Threat intelligence Analysis and sharing, incident response capacity and coordination and Cybersecurity Awareness.

It is also important to maintain and improve on the existing collaborative efforts with national, regional and international stakeholders especially with the Government SOC, PaCSON and FIRST. Existing capacity mechanisms can be used to further develop SolCERT's capability.